Farrier Services for Southwest Florida; Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Myakka City, Venice, Englewood, North Port


Paddy Falvey, Certified Farrier

2020 - Visby Products, Wellington, Florida. Simon Curtis Clinic - Hoof Development / Foot Balance. PF - a very worthwhile clinic to hear now the 6th Fellow of Worshipful Company of Farriers advocate a Tee square for front end medial lateral balance. Glad I use an "I" shaped square from circa 2015,as this measures the whole medial-lateral balance principle, and negates some of the ambiguity in measuring half of it, as per 1890's design.

2019 - World Alliance of Equine Osteopaths 2019 - Equine Fascia Clinic, Chi / Vluggen Institute, Florida, Equine Osteopathy, Dr Vluggen, Equine biome - Dr Biddle - pH and gut microflaura; Mike Wildenstein FWCF talk on defining equine limb conformation. This clinic gave me a wider understanding of critical factors affecting equine forelimb postural balance thru TMJ, aswell as equine body function and the meaning of "Tensigrity" in the equine, also use of Tee square uptake in the broader world.

2018 - Wellington Visby Farriers Clinic, February. UK glue link up, Billy Crothers T square implemented to all trims and shod horses (following Colles&Ware 2010 Principles of Farriery), Nano Emulsion Essential Oil Hoof Sanitiser developed.

2017 - International Hoofcare Summit, Cincinnatti. Glues and UK company perspective.

2016 - North Carolina State University Equine Health Symposium. Became a member of the American Association of Professional Farriers in June, APF status awarded. March started using copper coated nails, excellent product. New emphasis for performance shoeing. New Forge June 2015. Kevin Bacons Hoof Solution.

2015 – linked up with Dr Wendy Ying, DVM, a local referral veterinarian practice – Lameness & Wellness (acu/chiro) & Chinese medicine. Last year with Kelly McGhee and have solid casework instilled from a high level jumper farrier. Working with regular customers and trainers, in dressage and pleasure riding. Giving improved input for helping horses. Being a part of the team!.

2014 – FAEP Hoof Symposium, FL. Purchased a FLIR thermography camera.

2013 – New impetus from Wellington farrier, Kelly McGhee. Jumpers. New Truck.

2012 – Foot Hygiene Talk at Surgicare & meetings for past 3 years. Last attempt at AFA CJF, (decided am not a great fan of tests!).

2011 – FAEP Equine Foot Symposium, FL. AFA Farriers Convention, KY. Passed AFA CJF written test.

2010 – AFA Certified Farrier Test awarded.

2009 – Commitment to providing a solid foundation to farriery, with day to day work and learning basics working alongside farriers. (for next 3 years). Kentucky Horseshoeing School Diploma Graduate (22 wk course). Attended FAEP HoofCare Summit, FL. AFA Convention, TN. HoofCare Summit, OH.

2008 – Hereford School of Farriery. Level 2 Farriery & Blacksmithing.