Farrier Services for Southwest Florida; Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Myakka City, Venice, Englewood, North Port


I have a range of clients – owners & trainer’s horses involved with - dressage, trail horses, heavy horses, foal & breeding work, to specific footcare for more senior aged horses. All breeds. Develop a high level of footcare hygiene, dealing with thrush and white line with proactive prevention / control on every trim. Careful balance assessment, adopting current sighting principles being educated from the UK and using modern tools for more consistent work.

Particular interest in a balanced, interpreted trim. Very keen to adopt into my work the new adoption of sighting foot and limb for balance, and having the ability to trim in the sight aim position, as I use a simple powers tool often to trim. This simple tool enables me to sight and trim in situ, at the point of assesment of the limb for the actual trim. Something that is pretty much impossible to carry out using a rasp. Still am using a rasp every day for my work. 

I think horses demand 21st Century input and simple techniques being driven forward from top educators in the farrier world.