Farrier Services for Southwest Florida; Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Myakka City, Venice, Englewood, North Port

Farrier Services


Conformation, current foot balance and observations of the horse discussed with client, past history and specific needs. In some cases when possible a Flir Camera (non diagnostic use) is available for use in determining certain foot issues, and for overall look at limbs for potential vet inclusion.


Hoof Care

Proactive hygiene Input - power tools clean feet to a much higher degree than a hand wire brush and the back of a hoof knife. This part of Florida requires a proactive input to handle issues such as thrush and white line disease. Every foot brushed out, cleaned and inspected, then trimmed. Then treated using my own essential oils Colloidal Silver Nano Emulsion sanitizer after the trim. A safe, dedicated colloidal silver nano-emulsion developed by myself for control and preventing the spectrum of gram negatives and positives responsible for thrush and white line disease. New idea for hoofcare.

The foot is left with a means for the owner to take hygiene forward and gain a good start to hoof hygiene. It is best to be ahead of these costly issues and avoid them when possible. Simple and respectful to your horse.

I can wrap / soak feet in chlorine dioxide treatment to boost a foots hygiene level on request. Works great. Saves you the cost and effort.

Shod horses all receive a coating of Kevin Bacons Laurel Hoof Balm. A product now regarded as the best hoof conditioner on the market. No mineral oil!!!!!!!!. Many other tips for combination treatments / footings to deal with wet and soft feet. All proven to work locally.


Improve balance, foot mass, hygiene, shape and form. Hoof building.

98% of my horses are trimmed using power tools and it is always enjoyable , after the customers initial surprise, to see the ease for horse and owner, as a new dawn in footcare input is presented and accepted.

Ofcourse, I use a rasp aswell. Its often better to use power tools to help improve the level and consistency of the work to break disease cycle. Using a power tool enables simple ability to both sight and trim the foot simultaneously, compared to off the knee position or with a leg pulled out to the side as is regular process using a rasp.



Hot shoeing -  modifications to help your horse.

Glue on Shoes - Soundhorse Flexx & Sport, Morrisson Roller motion.

Grand jean Orthotic Plate shoes - dealing with dynamic orthotic support for dynamic movement of the asymmetrical limbed horse. Also, for re-establishing AP balance. I make my own plates to tailor specific limb requirements.

Composite Shoes - Easycare N/G, EasyCare Flexx. These shoes offer protection and flexibility (Youngs Modulus approach to Keratin in shoe materials) are more sympathetic to keratins natural elasticity and allow for caudal heel collateromotion, thus improve potential for digital cushion rehabilitation whilst shoeing, help with pedal osteitis and regaining hoof growth. There is currently, a lot of interest in the industry aimed at improving capsular health from the inside out. A longer horse life expectancy and performance life needs a higher standard trim and shoeing strategy.

A combination of the above usually the means to adapt to the needs of our wet and dry environment.

Copper Coated Nails, copper tape both for biofilm reduction to help create less ingress of bacteria. 5 weeks schedule.


No Foot, No Horse      AND       Good Foot, Good Limb...…..